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About Us

Welcome to Overall Warehouse. Four generations and 107 years of retailing in the men’s clothing business has evolved into an extension of our clothing business into e-commerce operations serving customers locally, within the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and overseas. Expanding our offering with the foundation built as a work wear resource in 1902, Overall Warehouse is our e-commerce solution to service the hard working work force with work wear covering them from head to toe with globally recognized name brands. Overall Warehouse is an e-commerce division of Davis Men's Store Inc. located in Bossier City, Louisiana.


Company Philosophy

The question can be asked: How can a company continue in business for 107 years and stay a strong viable retailer? Previous generations opinions and the opinion carried forward in creating strong business relationships with long lasting customers are driven by several different principles.


Customer Service

Customer Service is the first and foremost of several principles that we believe is of utmost importance. We enjoy and look forward to helping our customers. Whether it is a sizing issue with a product, general information concerning product knowledge, or question concerning a shipment, we look forward to assisting our customers.


Quality Name Brand Products

We know that quality products give the service a customer desires and needs for long lasting wear. We are dedicated to providing a full range of styles and fabrics in top branded products with a comfortable fit and are recognized globally. Quality products may cost a little more in the beginning, however these products will out wear off brand products in the end.


Value Pricing

We know that every working person works hard for every dollar that they earn. We believe furnishing nationally known, name brand merchandise at a fair price will give the customer the best value for their money. We also offer competitive shipping fees without hidden handling charges that will make your purchase a more pleasant shopping experience. This is another part of the good business principles that we stand behind.



We believe in treating our customers the way that we would want to be treated in making purchasing decisions in stores and on the web. We are always conscience of our level of service that we give our customers, the quality of the merchandise, and pricing. We deliver factory first merchandise in its new and original condition to our customers at very competitive prices and in a very timely manner. We consistently give our customers who sign up for e-sale information real benefits in shopping with us in product sales and shipping promotions. Our goal is to keep our customers for a lifetime. Top level customer service, quality merchandise, value pricing and competitive shipping in a very timely manner has been the key for over 100 years of business for us and we hope we can become your lifetime partner in servicing you with your work wear needs for the future.